Randall Munroe of XKCD.com fame has expressed this basic idea a lot more eloquently than I ever could dream of doing when he published this following carricature:

XKCD comic #2347 showing a haphazard construction block structure with a
carrying part being maintained "thanklessly by some random person in Nebraska
since 2003".

A lot of our infrastructure is like that, layer upon layer based on work of people that are doing the grunt work, and who need our support.


The whole process is described at Loadsharers, but the basic idea is to find one, or better several people worthy of being supported and send them - either through platforms such as GitHub or Patreon, or directly - “the equivalent of one day’s worth of the cost of one moderately-priced restaurant meal” per month..

Who do I support?

Who else I think should be supported?